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Hey guys!!! I haven't seen you all for so long, you've gotten so big *sniffle*

I haven't been on DA as of the past few years, and I'm thinkin' I won't be able to upkeep my groups. That sadly includes this one!
I'm only a humble co-founder, but if anyone would like to take the torch from me to upkeep this group, please let me know and I'm sure I can appoint you!
Let me know if you are interested in taking it up!

~Admin Beamie

It's been awhile, but I've fianlly gotten off my butt and updated the member cast list. Apologies to all of you who have been waiting so long, but you all got the positions you've applied for! I resolve to stay on top of things from now on.
I'll also be posting the cast list in the future on the main page of the group for easy referencing.

:bulletred: If you have any characters you'd like to add, note us!

And so, without further ado...




:star: The Holy Grail Cast :star:

King Arthur: :iconkittycowlexa:

Patsy: :iconjillyluvsweasley:

Sir Bedevere: :iconiamkoold:

Sir Lancelot: :iconkigerwolf:

Sir Robin: :iconbodiechan:

Sir Robin's Minstrel: :iconattolis:

Sir Galahad: :iconsideshow-m:

Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: :iconcurtiskaiju:

The Black Knight: :icone-star99:

The Green Knight: :iconiescapedthebox:


1. :iconsmiley0face:

1. :iconblackcatdevils:

The Trojan Rabbit: :icontmwillson3:

The Witch: :iconornithology:

The Man Who Claimed to Be Turned Into a Newt: :iconamphitritie:

The "Not Quite Dead" Man: :iconsilvercrow13:

The Dead Collector: :iconadorableeric:

Old Crone:

Denis: :iconravenneverm0re:

Denis's Mother:

3 Headed Card:
Left Head (Terry Jones) :
Middle Head (Graham Chapman) :
Right Head (Michael Palin) :

God: :iconsonicalconverse:

Knights of the Round Table:
(There are an Infinate Number of these)

Ladies of Castle Anthrax:

Famous Historian

Famous Historian's Wife:

Lead Knight of Ni: :iconmiss-riza:
Other Knights:

King of Swamp Castle: :icongoopking:

Prince Herbert: :iconemlymack:

Princess Lucky: :iconthebluefairy1940:

Bride's Father:

Best Man:

Wedding Guests:
(Infinite Number, again)

Slain Gate Guard:

Confused Gate Guard: :iconlanceythedog:

Mixed up Guard 1:

Mixed up Guard 2:

Old Man from Scene 24:

"Bloody Weather":
The Sun:
Cloud 1:
Cloud 2:

Tim the Enchanter: :icondragonwolf177:

Brother Maynard:

Killer Rabbit: :icontwilightluvr:

Black Beast of Arrrrrrggggghhh!:

Soldiers (Before the Ending)


:star: Dead Parrot Sketch :star:

Man Who wishes to Complain: :iconcrazy241hp:

Petshop Keeper:

Dead Parrot: :iconheavyclaw:

Petshop Keeper's Brother:

Man in charge of registering complaints:

Man at the End (Get on with it!):

:star: Spam Sketch :star:

Woman who doesn't like Spam:

Her Husband:

The Spamming Vikings: Viking 1: :iconblichtr:

:star: The Lumberjack Song :star:

The Lumberjack: :iconlizeeeee:

The Lumberjack's Girlfriend:

The Background Lumberjacks:

:star:Argument Clinic:star:

The Secretary:

Man Who Wishes to Have an Argument:

Mr. Dubake (Debate?):

Mr. Barnard:

Blonde Woman Who passes in the Hallway:

Man in the Abuse Office: :iconbelislythindor:

Man in charge of registering complaints:

Man with the wooden mallet:

Inspector Thompson's Gazelle of the Program Planning Police Light Entertaining Division, Special Flying Squad:

Inspector Fox of the United Entertainment Police, Comedy Division: :iconmoonhitler:

The Fair Cop:

:star:Flying Sheep Sketch:star:

Harold the Flying Sheep: :iconjapanfanzz:

The Man With 3 Buttocks: :icongtkshroom:

The Shepard Who Watches over the Flying Sheep:

Man With All the Questions:

The Other Flying Sheep:

The French Sheep Scientist:
The Other French Sheep Scientist:

Lady in the Supermarket #1:
Lady in the Supermarket #2:
Lady in the Supermarket #3:
Lady in the Supermarket #4:

:star:The Pope and Michelangelo Sketch:star:

Michelangelo: :iconjjengo:

The Pope:

:star:The Sir EddieBaby Ross Interview:star:

EddieBaby: :iconorontes:


:star:The Ministry of Silly Walks Sketch:star:

Mr. Teabag: :iconpengu82:

First Silly-Walking Man who passes in the hallway:

Second Silly-Walking Man who passes with a book:

Third Silly-Walking Man who passes with the man who has a book:

Man who wishes to obtain a government grant in order to develop his silly walk (Name?):

Mrs. Two-Lumps:

:star:Spanish Inquisition:star:

Leader of Spanish inquisition: :iconxerovas:

Man who says: I didn't expect the Spanish inquisition:

Woman who gets tortured: :iconinvaderjes11:

Woman who must sit down on the comfy chair:

:star:Self Defense against (Fresh) Fruit:star:

Teacher: :iconscottishbookworm:

Pointed Stick Student: :iconmsmoontheloon:

Armful of Bananas Student:

Banana Attacking Student:

Raspberry Attacking Student:


:star:The British Dentists' Association:star:

Lemming: :iconlemming-of-the-bda:

:star:the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook sketch:star:

The Dirty Hungarian: :icondemonwolf67663:

The Tobacconist:

The Judge

The Policeman

The Publisher

The Prosecution

:star:Silly Vicar:star:

Rev. Arthur Belling: :iconchocolatemonsther:

:star:Monty Python's Life for Brian:star:

Brian: :iconbaxelis:

Mr. Cheeky: :icontortugamgmt:

The Man Who Came Out of the Refrigerator to Sing the Galaxy Song: :iconthe-suns-moon:

Pilate: :iconpelycosaur24:

-full cast list coming soon-

:star:The Piranha Brothers:star:

Ethel the Frog:

Dinsdale Piranha:

Doug Piranha:

The Woman Impersonator:

Spiny Norman: :iconbeamthechao:

Harry 'Snapper' Orgrans:
-full list coming soon-

:star:Mr. Neville Shunte - Railroad Playwrite:star:

Narrator in the Beginning:


John's Girlfriend:

Sir Horace:

Lady Partridge:

Inspector Davids of the Scotland Yard:


Mr. Neville Shunte:

Gavin Milarrrrrrrrr:

Men at the end (2 of these):

:star:Agatha Christie Sketch:star:

Man in Black Top Hat: :iconhazardousthing:

Inspector Tiger:

Woman in Blue:

Woman in White:

Man in Black:

Man with Pipe:

Chief Superintendent Lookout:


Assistant Chief Constable Theresamanbehindyer: :iconcrazysweety:

Chief Constable Fire:

Nurses (3 of these):

Men with the Casket (4 of these):

:star: The Cheese Shop Sketch :star:

Cheese Shop Owner:

Cheese Shop Customer:

Dancing Man 1:
Dancing Man 2:
Dancing Man 3:

:star: Bruces :star:

Bruce: :icontheperian:
Bruce 2:
Bruce 3:
Bruce 4:


The "It's" Man: :iconsymphoniclolita:

Prof. R.J. Gumby
Prof. F.H. Gumby
Prof. Enid Gumby: :iconkormoni:
D. P. Gumby
T. F. Gumby

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

PLEASE NOTE: That there are still characters to come. *phew* If you have a cast list for any of the other Python movies or sketches, please send us a note!

Many thanks to those who have contributed to the Cast List:
if I forgot you just say so!



Don't tell me this didn''t make your day!

This just got posted on the comments on my dA page, and I think it really concerns us Python geeks.  ;)

Save the Albatross!…

(Thanks sootyalbatross! You can visit her for more info :dummy: )

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and God bless!
Scotty :peace: :huggle:
| Members Cast List | Art Submission Details |

My sincerest apologies for the long wait! But, after a month of having the applications open, I've finally posted a topic in the admin area for the other couple of admins to review with me!

I'm thinking that I'm going to add at least 2 people as admins who applied for the job, seeing as how I want Project-Python to be as active as possible! And with more admins, that means more people to talk about ideas for the group, so more activity on our part.

Thank you to everyone who applied for a position as an admin! I'm hoping to be getting up the people we have chosen for the job within in the next couple of weeks (so hopefully before December rolls around!)

Thank you for your patience, I'll be giving you an update very soon!

* * *

This has been a message from the Lead Knight of Ni.

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